Day 4, after leaving my parents coming out of Lordsburg was really nice. I have found so much joy in actually needing to read my maps to be able to get places. There was this big section of desert I had to cross in order to get to a mountain pass called Enigineers Peak that started out with some signs that were really well marked. As I got closer to the peak that I thought would be the area I would have to enter based on my map judgements, the signs disappeared. I decided to just stop looking for them and head on to where I was pretty sure I needed to be. By then I was running low on water so it was pretty important that I was right. As I got closer to the peak, then entered the canyon I noticed the windmill where I would be getting water from. I was right all along! In that moment I was so pleased with my orienteering skills that I basically learned all from Boy Scouts. I camped a few miles after that making it about 30 miles for the day.  

Day 5 I woke up and hiked a few miles and saw Kevin Beard Vest sitting on the side of the trail. He is an LA native also, so we got to talking about the latest in the cholo life. We ended up hiking the rest of the day together. We hiked over a mountain that looked a lot like Mt Wilson in the Angeles Forest. We finished the day by hiking 3 miles of the 12 mile road walk into Silver City. It ended up being about 34 miles for me. 

Day 6 Kevin and I hiked into Silver together where we met Carrott Quinn and her crew. It was good catching up with her over some Mexican food, and I wished I could have hiked with them for a day, but they were staying another day in Silver. I hiked out of Silver on a long road walk into the Gila National Forest. I saw 2 LDS Misionaries that were moutain biking on their day off. The day was pretty boring, as I was walking on roads mainly, but towards the end there were some really impressive geological formations that got me wandering like a wide eyed boy. I came around this bend called Horseshoe Bend where there were caves formed in large conglomerate rock towers. This is where I met Moss, an older lady that hikes in sandals. She is a survivalist and had some pretty funny stories. I finished the day by hiking into the night where I slept by the Devils Castle. This area was filled with 15 foot high rock pillars that redeemed the less exciting road walk. 

Day 7 I was to walk down into the Gila River and into Doc Campbells. It was normal getting down to the Gila-- smaller pine trees and decent looking canyons. As I eased my way down to the Gila I noticed all of the rock formations started to become more interesting. Once I got down to the Gila River I begun scaling the river walls to look for cave dwellings. I spent the rest of the day crossing the river about 50 times trying as best as I could to stay on "trail." Going was a lot slower because of this, and after getting a little lost looking for Docs, I finally made it with 5 minutes to spare. I was greeted by a very German, German man. (you know what I mean.) I couldn't tell the whole time if he was mad at me for buying his stuff or not. At the store I met a lady who is hiking the CDT but has been sick and she offered her extra bed in her rented apartment for me to stay in. Score. 


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