IS 7.5 pounds UL or SUL??

Last year on the PCT I was at a 10 pound base weight. This year on the CDT it will be 7.5. Ditching my stove, solar charger, and having a lighter pack really makes the difference. I am happy with what I have and am confident that I will be safe and comfortable with this gear. Being lightweight is something really important to me, because it makes my fast style of hiking more enjoyable. 

I am really excited to be testing out my new Enlightened Equipment quilt this year and the Altra Lone Peak 2.0. To charge my devices, I will have 5 Goal Zero flip 10 chargers shipped pre charged in every resupply so I can charge two while packing my resupply and hike on with three chargers between towns, and I will continue the cycle throughout the hike. This will save a ton of time and weight because I won't be carrying a solar charger. 



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